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  Huff-n-Puffers Senior Softball League 
  Constitution and By-Laws 
  January 10. 2019 – Revision-J10 tah  
 (**) Denotes changes
Article I Name 

The name of the organization shall be the HUFF-N-PUFFERS SENIOR SOFTBALL 
LEAGUE. The official colors will be Red, White and Blue. 

Article II Purpose of the League 

The purpose of the League is to provide a fellowship for men and to play a certain number of softball games each year for the enjoyment of its members and for the entertainment of the public and to hold such social activities as determined by the Governing Board from time to time. 

Article III Membership 

The minimum age of a player shall be 60 (sixty) years old and a player shall be eligible to play in the calendar year such age is attained. Only males shall be eligible for membership. All first year members shall provide proof of age in the form of a photo ID with the applicant’s date of birth thereon and such further proof of age, if any, as the Governing Board shall require. All applications may be reviewed by the Governing Board for acceptance. Applications may not be accepted in the best interest of Huff-N-Puffers, as determined by the Governing Board in its sole and absolute discretion. 

Article IV Dues 

Annual membership dues shall be determined by the Governing Board and announced at a general membership meeting for the following calendar year. The annual dues for active members may be a different amount for the each (**) Division of the League and a different amount for new members, all as determined by the Governing Board. The Governing Board may provide for higher dues if not paid by a certain date. Dues are to be paid by the first meeting in March of the current year. The dues of new members shall be  paid when their applications are submitted. Annual membership dues for Associate Members shall be such amount as is set from time to time by the Governing Board. Associate Members are those individuals who are not actively playing softball and who are accepted as Associate Members by the Governing Board. 

Article V Meetings 

The place, time, and date of regular business meetings of the Governing Board shall be set by the Governing Board or the President. The team Managers shall notify the members of their teams of all League functions and such other matters as directed by the President. General Membership meetings will be held on the first Thursday of the months of January, February, March, October, November and December, to discuss and transact League Business. 

The place, time and date of special meetings may be set by the President or Governing Board. 

Article VI Quorum  

A quorum for the transaction of League business shall consist of not less than 25 percent of active members. Associate Members shall not be counted for quorum purposes and shall not be authorized to vote on anything. 

Article VII Elections 

The elected officers of the League shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers will be elected by a majority vote of all members present or voting by absentee ballot at the December General Membership Meeting. The President shall announce a Nominating Committee Chairman and four (4) members in good standing at the October General Meeting of each year. The Nominating Committee will submit a list of members in good standing to run for office. That list may include more than one candidate for each office. This list is to be presented to the Membership at the November General Meeting. Additional candidates may be nominated at this meeting by the affirmative vote of at least 25% of those present at the November General Meeting and such additional candidates shall be on the ballot at the December General Meeting. Candidates for office shall have the opportunity to address the membership at the November General Meeting. The installation of officers shall take place at the January meeting. The duties of the Nominating Committee shall include running the actual election at the December General Meeting. All elected Officers shall automatically take office on January 1st after their election and their term shall be for 1 or 2 calendar years as hereinafter provided. 

Candidates not at the November meeting to accept their nomination must submit a letter to the Secretary accepting the nomination no later than 10 days following the November General Meeting. 

A member who will be absent at the December meeting may vote by absentee ballot. The member may request an absentee ballot from the Secretary any time after the November General Meeting. Ballots will be mailed out as soon as the Secretary receives them from the printer. Absentee ballots must be returned to the Secretary no later than the day before the December General Meeting and Election, which would be the Wednesday before the first Thursday in December of any year in order for the member’s absentee ballot to be counted. Those who tried to vote by absentee ballot but fail to do so may vote in person at the December General Meeting. The form of the absentee ballot shall be determined by the Secretary in consultation with the Nominating Committee. 

Elections shall be effectuated by written ballots. No Huff-N-Puffer ballots will be destroyed until January 15th following the election. 

At the December 2017 meeting the President and Secretary shall be elected to a 2 year term and the Vice President and Treasurer shall be elected to a 1 year term. Thereafter all officers shall be elected for 2 year terms. Accordingly, at the 2018 election the Vice President and Treasurer will be elected for a 2 year term and at the 2019 election the President and Secretary will be elected to a 2 year term, and so on.  

Article VIII Committees, Managers and (**) Division Directors 

The President shall ask for and appoint a Chairman for the following committees: 

  A. Constitution - By Laws 
  B. Social Entertainment 
  C. Any additional committees deemed necessary and for the good of the League  may be formed. 
  D. Rules Committee – the President shall also select its committee members. 
  E. Select an Umpire in Chief.
  F. Health & Welfare.
  G. Sunshine.
  H. Nominating Committee - the President shall also select its 4 committee  members.

The President shall have the discretion to appoint or not appoint all the (**) Division Directors.

The Governing Board shall have the power to remove any Committee Chairman, the Umpire in Chief, Division Directors and substitute an individual of their choice in their place and stead. 

The President shall ask for and appoint the Managers. Managers shall serve until they resign or are removed by the Governing Board. The President shall have no power to remove a Manager. The Governing Board shall have the power to remove any Manager and substitute an individual of their choice, with or without cause. 

Article IX Vacancies in Office During Current Year 

If for any reason the President resigns or dies or is incapacitated, the Vice President shall automatically become the President and assume the President’s duties for the remainder of the President’s term. The second in line of succession to the President shall be the Treasurer and the third in line shall be the Secretary.The Governing Board shall determine the method of replacement of officers not provided in these By-Laws to serve until their successors are elected. 

Article X Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws 

Amendments to the Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Constitution and By-Laws Chairman. The Chairman will accept and review all submitted changes and tender their recommendations, along with the submitted recommendations to the Governing Board for its approval. Any changes (additions or amendments), when adopted, rescind any previous article and/or section pertaining to and affected by that issue. A special meeting of the Governing Board can be called by the President at any time for the purpose of accepting or rejecting such amendments. 

Article XI Clause of Dissolution 

In the event of the dissolution of the Huff-N-Puffers, the Treasurer must after paying all League liabilities, dispose of all the assets of the League funds to charitable organization(s) as designated by the Governing Board. 

Article XII Order of Meeting 

Robert’s Rules of Order will apply at all regular meetings except as may be provided for in the Constitution. The President calls the meeting to order; minutes of the previous meeting are read by the Secretary, automatically approved unless contested; financial report is given by the Treasurer; committee reports by the Chairmen: (**) Division Directors reports; unfinished business; new business; and adjournment by motion from the floor. Members are expected to abide by the order of business. 

Article XIII Duties of Elected Officers 
 Section I: President – The President shall preside at all regular meetings, appoint all standing committees and all ad hoc committees. He shall appoint all Committee Chairmen.  He shall address the membership and inform them of League functions. He shall also sign the minutes of the meeting after they have been read and approved.  

The President or the person presiding at the meeting shall recognize any member who wants the floor. The recognized member shall stand and limit his debate to a maximum of three (3) minutes. 

The President shall have such executive and administrative powers as are necessary or advisable for the orderly operation of the League. However, all such actions may be revised or withdrawn as determined by the Governing Board. 

 Section II: Vice President - The Vice President shall perform all the duties of the President in the absence of the President and shall perform such duties as requested by the President. The Vice President will be responsible for the Playing Rules and Regulations and the Constitution/By-Laws and their annual updates.

Section III: Secretary – The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all League meetings. He shall read all minutes at subsequent meetings and the book of minutes shall be open for inspection by any member at the reasonable convenience of the Secretary. The minutes are to be signed by both the Secretary and President upon approval by the membership. At all times the Secretary shall maintain a current roster of all League members. Such roster shall include the member’s name, address, birth date, email address, spouse or partner’s name, status of membership-active or associate, Division affiliation and whether dues for the current calendar year are paid or not. He shall have charge of all League records and shall preserve them in a suitable condition. He shall keep a copy of the Constitution/By-Laws and the Playing Rules and Regulations.

Section IV: Treasurer – The Treasurer shall receive and be responsible for: all monies belonging to the League. He shall deposit all monies in a bank approved by the Governing Board, in an account listed in the name of the League. All money withdrawals are made upon order of the President. The Treasurer shall issue and sign all checks provided, however if the treasurer is absent or incapacitated, the signature of any officer shall suffice. He shall prepare a monthly balance sheet of all financial transactions of the League for presentation at regular meetings. One copy of each financial statement shall be given to the Secretary. Upon request, he shall furnish the Auditing Committee, the President or the Secretary such information as may be needed for a legal audit. All officers shall have computer access to the League’s bank account. 

Article XIV The Governing Board 

The Managers, Umpire-in-Chief, Chairman of the Rules Committee, the (**) Division Directors if any, and the elected Officers, shall constitute the Governing Board of the League. Voting of the Governing Board shall be as follows:

  A. Each elected Officer will be entitled to cast one vote. 
  B. The Chairman of the Rules Committee will be entitled to cast one vote. 
  C. The Umpire–in-Chief will be entitled to cast one vote. 
  D. The (**) Division Directors if any, will be entitled to cast one vote.  
  E. Each Manager will be entitled to cast one vote. 

Notwithstanding that an individual may be on the Governing Board in 2 or more capacities such as being a Manager and an officer, that individual shall have only 1 vote on the Governing Board and for quorum purposes all governing board capacities of such individual shall collectively count as 1. 

  The duties of the Governing Board will be: 
  A. To select a method of forming teams within the League 
  B. To vote on any proposed amendments to the Playing Rules, provided, however that any proposed change to the Playing Rules which applies only to the (**) Division 1 shall be decided by the Governing Board exclusive of the (**) Division 2/3 Managers and any amendment which applies only to the (**) Division 2 shall be decided by the Governing Board exclusive of the (**) Division 1/3 Managers and Division 1/2 for 3. The Rules Committee shall present to the applicable Governing Board all proposed rule changes submitted by any member; and the Rules Committee shall give its recommendation with respect to each such proposed rule change which may be yes, no, or yes with stated modifications. The applicable Governing Board shall deliberate on each proposed rule change de novo and shall have the power to make such changes to the Playing Rules as they determine including no change. 
  C. To determine the fee(s) for membership dues. 
  D. To determine the Divisions of the League and the eligibility requirements for each such Division. 
  E. To select a method of forming traveling teams. 
  F. To select a method of placing new players on teams. 
  G. To set the maximum number of players on a team roster which may be different for each Division. 
  H. To select the method(s) for playoffs for League championships for each  Division. 
  I. To select a date for trading players. 
  J. The Governing Board shall have sole jurisdiction to administer all disciplinary action to any member for acts tending to injure the name or integrity of the organization, disturb its well-being or hamper it in its work, or for any improper conduct occurring in connection with the League or occurring elsewhere. The Governing Board shall have complete power to determine the terms of the disciplinary action which may range from a 1 game suspension to permanent lifetime expulsion or as they may otherwise determine including without limitation, probationary period, voting privilege, never being eligible to be an officer, etc. The precise terms of the disciplinary action shall be set forth in writing with a copy given to the Secretary for inclusion in the permanent records of the League and a copy given to the miscreant. Any such decision shall be subject to one appeal by the miscreant provided he provides the Governing Board a written request for such appeal which states why in his opinion the decision is improper and what would be an appropriate disciplinary action which may be no discipline. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the President determines the integrity or welfare of the League requires it, he shall have the power to remove anyone from a game and the power to suspend anyone for one game. Such actions shall not in any way limit the power of the Governing Board to administer disciplinary action for the same offense(s). 
  K. The Governing Board shall have no power to act unless a quorum is  
  present and a quorum of the Governing Board shall be 50% plus one of all members of the applicable Governing Board. 

Article XV Arbitration Committee  

The Governing Board will be the Arbitration Committee. They will hear disputes in regard to the Constitution and Bylaws. 

Article XVI Associate Members 

Associate Members can attend meetings and functions and be members by appointment of the President to any committee. They may also assist team Managers if they wish, but may not be a Manager. Associate Members cannot serve as an officer, serve on the Governing Board, make any motions or vote on a matter.  

Article XVII Selection of Man of the Year  

The Man of the Year shall be selected and voted upon by past recipients who are paid up members of the Huff-N-Puffers either player or associate. The current President shall be invited to this meeting as a courtesy, but shall have no vote unless he is a past recipient of the Award. If the President is being considered for the Award, then the Vice President should attend the meeting. 

Rev: 01.10.2019 
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