The Huff-N-Puffers play softball at James Day Park in Parma, which is located next to CCC-West on West Pleasant Valley Road between West 130 and York Roads.   Games are played at 9:15 AM and 10:45 AM.   Players must be at least 60 years old during this calendar year.   There are two divisions--a junior division and a senior division.  
    The Huff-N-Puffer meetings are held at the County Library, which is located at
2111 Snow Road (one half mile East of State Road). The meetings are held the first Thursday of the month and begin at 10:00 AM.
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Letter from the President
Latest News:
Next meeting is
October 5, 2017
Senior Division vs. Junior Division
Wednesday, August 10th at 1:00 PM
Diamond #3 --- James Day Park

        Senior All Stars                                                   Junior All Stars
        Manager – Stan Zaborski                                   Manager --- John Teron
        Visitors (Red Shirts)                                            Home (White Shirts)

       Barnes, Bob                                                         Auvil, Carl
       Bradesku, Brad                                                    Colon, Bob
      DeCrane, Bruce                                                    DeWerth, Al
                                                                                    Miske, Joe
      Gerlach, John                                                        Genda, Karl
      Smejkal, Ken                                                          Kilburg, Joe
     Johnson, Russ                                                       Kushner, John
     Jones, Herb                                                           Middaugh, Bill
     Kustra, Ed                                                              O’Boyle, Pat
     Lange, Don                                                            Piechocinski, Ed
     Robles, Sam                                                          Schoenlein, Dave
     Ross, Charles                                                        Stetter, Leo
     Schepis, Nick                                                         Teron, John
     Smolko, Charlie                                                     Thresher, Roger
     Trem, Will                                                              Tischler, Don
      Wyman, Sam

​          All Star Juniors   15
        All Star Seniors   6

2016 Junior All Star Team
Batting practice info
January 18, 2017
To All;
Below is a final list of
 The 2017 Governing Board for Huff n Puffers Officers
John Teron           President
John Good            Vice president/Jr. Manager
Dave Kistler          Treasurer/Jr. Manager
Don Evans           Secretary

Junior Managers:
John Good
Dave Kistler
Jack Roberts
Pat O'Boyle
Tom Zinn
Jim Kosakowski
John Teron
​                                                        Senior Managers:
George Cox
Austin Kuder
Harry Danik
Ray Humble
Joe Marco
Bob Pine
Nick Schepis
Chuck Parete
Tom Zingale
Tom Zigman         Senior Division Director
Len Lieber            Chief umpire
Jim Kipfstuhl         Chairman rules committee

To All Members,

      March 2, 2017 was our third meeting of the year, and our fourth at the County Library at 2111 Snow Road. For all the new members we meet on the first Thursday of the month. Jan. Feb. Mar. Oct. Nov. & Dec. All meetings start at 10:00am.

     Managers so far are:  Senior division, Joe Marco, George Cox, Tom Zingale, Ray Humble, Ted Branch, Nick Schepis, Bob Pine, Harry Danik & Austin Kuder.  Junior division, Tom Zinn, Pat O’Boyle, John Good, Dave “Grover” Kistler, Jack Roberts and Jim Kosakowski.
Since this meeting we have had a few more members added to the league. Because of that we have decided to go to 7 junior teams and 9 senior teams. It was inevitable that with such a large amount of new players this year we expand the junior division by one more team. We will be adding one more manager also.

     Practices will continue at NEO Soccer every Wednesday in March. From 10:00 am to 12:00pm. The cost is $5 per person. Because of broken lights last year we will be using a softer ball when batting. But fielding grounders are with a normal softball. The location is behind the Parma Hts. Police Station and Yorktown Bowling Lanes at Pearl and Old York Rd.

      Umpire classes will be held on Thursday April 6th and Thursday April 13, 2017. They will be at the Recreation Department at 7375 Ridge Rd. just north of Pleasant Valley Rd. Starting at 10:00am. We will try to limit the class for two hours. If you are considering umping please try to attend one or both of these classes.

      We have 33 new members so far this season. They are: Steve Cross, Ted Wootan, Arthur Czarnitzki, David Sanchez, Lynn Merholz, Chuck Parete, Jim Durkot, Paul Synek, Gary Armbruster, Bill Edelburg, Tim Wunderle, Greg Lavelle, Alan Burns, Terry Rauckhorst, Jack McNamara, Pete Romano, Chuck Reynolds, Larry Govang, Steve Kurkul, Jeff Stoddard, Ulrich Nehring, Dave Sellke, Al Attewell, Dave Bodnar, Ron Clawson, Tom Coyne, Bob Oster, Ricky Paletta, Rick Roller, Guy Selinka, Mel Stemm, Don Taylor, Mike McKwen.

    Senior Division Director; Tom Zigman

   Rules committee: Chairman: Jim Kipfstuhl, Tom Zigman, Ed Kustra, Jerry Bacher & Ken Dippong.

   Chief Umpire: Chairman: Len Lieber (senior ump schedules) Tom Denk (junior ump schedules)

   Sunshine committee: Don Tischler.                    Historian: Joe Lubowicz

    The softball season will start weather permitting on (Thursday) April 27, 2017. If you haven’t attended one of these opening days it’s a lot of fun. We have the Mayor, The Service Director, The Recreation Director and the Marine Band to start off the season. Ceremonies start before the first game. I will have a letter each month and will post on our website so that those that cannot attend our monthly meeting will be informed on what’s happening in our league. So stay healthy and be safe so you can say Play Ball come April.

    Upcoming Events;

June 12, 2017 (Monday) (Free Hot Dog picnic) to all paid members.

August 9, 2017 (Wednesday) Steak Roast & All Star games.

Our next general meeting is October 5, 2017 at 10:00am @ 2111 Snow Rd.

                                                                                              Sincerely, John Teron (president)

For information contact any officer;

John Teron (president) 216-520-3228                             Grover (treasurer) 440-236-8997

John Good (vice president) 440-570-1730                       Don Evans (secretary) 440-554-6461

Click here for JUNIOR team members
Scherban, Ron