The Huff-N-Puffers play softball at James Day Park in Parma, which is located next to CCC-West on West Pleasant Valley Road between West 130 and York Roads.   Games are played at 9:15 AM and 10:45 AM.   Players must be at least 60 years old during this calendar year.   There are two divisions--a junior division and a senior division.  
    The Huff-N-Puffer meetings are held at the County Library, which is located at 2111 Snow Road (one half mile East of State Road). The meetings are held the first Thursday of the month and begin at 10:00 AM.
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Letter from the President
Senior Division vs. Junior Division
Wednesday, August 10th at 1:00 PM
Diamond #3 --- James Day Park

        Senior All Stars                                                   Junior All Stars
        Manager – Stan Zaborski                                   Manager --- John Teron
        Visitors (Red Shirts)                                            Home (White Shirts)

       Barnes, Bob                                                         Auvil, Carl
       Bradesku, Brad                                                    Colon, Bob
      DeCrane, Bruce                                                    DeWerth, Al
                                                                                    Miske, Joe
      Gerlach, John                                                        Genda, Karl
      Smejkal, Ken                                                          Kilburg, Joe
     Johnson, Russ                                                       Kushner, John
     Jones, Herb                                                           Middaugh, Bill
     Kustra, Ed                                                              O’Boyle, Pat
     Lange, Don                                                            Piechocinski, Ed
     Robles, Sam                                                          Schoenlein, Dave
     Ross, Charles                                                        Stetter, Leo
     Schepis, Nick                                                         Teron, John
     Smolko, Charlie                                                     Thresher, Roger
     Trem, Will                                                              Tischler, Don
      Wyman, Sam

​          All Star Juniors   15
        All Star Seniors   6

2017 Junior Champions
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Photo by Lori English
Senior White All Star roster


Cisco Ancona
 Chuck Hurley
 Herb Jones
 John Kilner
 Ed Kustra
 Don Lange
 George Manzuk
 Jack McNamara
 Larry Ream
 Bill Rieke
 Steve Rist
 Tom Sanders
 Paul Soska
 Tim Speer
 Frank Stanton
 Gene Thoms


Tim Hexter / coach
Joe Marco /  coach

Senior Red All Star Roster


Toomey, Pete
Shepis, Nick
Spearing, Ken
Galmarini, Tom
Feeley, Jim
LaGambina, Steve
Johnson, Russ
Ross, Charlie
Allie, Gary
Maltry, Tim
DeCrane, Bruce
Kosmowski, Mark
Trem, Will
Wyman, Sam
Smejkal, Ken
Bradescu, Brad
Rinella, Mike
Smith, Jim
Sanchez, Dave

Bench Assistants

Jackman, Bob / coach
Rossman, Ed / coach
Danik, Gena / scorekeeper
Ruminski, Gabe / batboy
Schieve, Jerry / assistant manager
Danik, Harry / manager
​Junior All Star Roster

Patton, Manny
Synek, Paul
Merkowsky, Frank
Leonaard, Jim
Schwin, Paul
Lappa, Paul
Ball, Rob
Fazekas, Steve
Coyne, Tom
Schwark, Scott
Teron, John
Wootan, Ted
Sellke, Dave
Shumway, Dave
Wightman, Wayne

 2017 Junior All Star Team
2017 White All Star Team
2017 Red All Star Team
Senior Division Champions
Below are pictures from the 2017 Huff-N-Puffer Banquet   Photos by Tim Hexter
​To All Members,

    December 7th, (Thursday) 2017 will be our next General meeting. We have many items on the agenda and hope you all can attend. The location is 2111 Snow Rd. (Cuyahoga County Library), At 10:00 am.

Election of officers:

For SecretaryTim Hexter(unopposed)
For TreasurerDave (Grover) Kistler(unopposed)
For Vice PresidentJohn Good(unopposed)
For PresidentJohn Teron Nick Schepis.

   You must be a paid member in 2017 to be eligible to vote. Associate members may NOT vote.

   We are always looking for members to get involved in our league, so if you interested in managing or being put on a committee or willing to help at events throughout the year see any officer. Repairing equipment or helping sell raffle tickets, managing a team, umpiring, etc. This league has over 40 people who help run and organize the 280 members from the 16 managers, 4 officers and 9 committee members that make our league run so well. The work behind the scenes is mostly unnoticed and they all do not get enough recognition. So thank them throughout the year when you can. There are 4 committees (The Rules Committee), (The Chief Umpire), (The Elections Committee) and (The Sunshine Committee). Also Don Knight puts our website together and certainly does a great job as webmaster. We meet 6 months during the year, Jan. Feb. Mar. Oct. Nov. & Dec.

   Once we start playing ball we no longer have general meetings. Our draft starts in March and Official games begin in late April, (weather permitting). We are in the process of organizing indoor practices during the winter.

   We will be having Umpire classes before spring and are always looking for anyone interested.

   I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

   Recently some of you may have received a letter from the 3rd grade class of Kenston grade School regarding your sacrifice for being a veteran of the United States of America. My daughter Mrs. Janelle Kyker reached out to me asking for names of veterans in our softball league. I can’t tell you how glad the 3rd graders were to hear from you! Next year we are asking for a few of you to speak at their school. This was a great opportunity for both the young ones and the veterans. I had heard from many of you and was proud to have you represent our league and country. So thank you for you service and hope to see you on the 7th of December. (Pearl Harbor Day) 


   John Teron (president)

   2017 Officers and phone numbers;

   John Teron (president) 216-520-3228                Grover (treasurer) 440-236-8997
   John Good (vice president)440-570-1730         Don Evans (secretary) 440-554-6461

From Jim Cassidy:

Batting practice at Middleburg Hts. will start Wednesday, Jan. 3. Sessions willbe from 
12-3PM. Cost will be $3 per session.