The Huff-N-Puffers play softball at James Day Park in Parma, which is located next to CCC-West on West Pleasant Valley Road between West 130 and York Roads.   Games are played at 9:15 AM and 10:45 AM.   Players must be at least 60 years old during this calendar year.   There are two divisions--a junior division and a senior division.  
    The Huff-N-Puffer meetings are held at the County Library, which is located at 2111 Snow Road (one half mile East of State Road). The meetings are held the first Thursday of the month and begin at 10:00 AM.
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Letter from the President
Senior Division vs. Junior Division
Wednesday, August 10th at 1:00 PM
Diamond #3 --- James Day Park

        Senior All Stars                                                   Junior All Stars
        Manager – Stan Zaborski                                   Manager --- John Teron
        Visitors (Red Shirts)                                            Home (White Shirts)

       Barnes, Bob                                                         Auvil, Carl
       Bradesku, Brad                                                    Colon, Bob
      DeCrane, Bruce                                                    DeWerth, Al
                                                                                    Miske, Joe
      Gerlach, John                                                        Genda, Karl
      Smejkal, Ken                                                          Kilburg, Joe
     Johnson, Russ                                                       Kushner, John
     Jones, Herb                                                           Middaugh, Bill
     Kustra, Ed                                                              O’Boyle, Pat
     Lange, Don                                                            Piechocinski, Ed
     Robles, Sam                                                          Schoenlein, Dave
     Ross, Charles                                                        Stetter, Leo
     Schepis, Nick                                                         Teron, John
     Smolko, Charlie                                                     Thresher, Roger
     Trem, Will                                                              Tischler, Don
      Wyman, Sam

​          All Star Juniors   15
        All Star Seniors   6

2017 Junior Champions
Photo by Lori English
 2017 Junior All Star Team
2017 White All Star Team
2017 Red All Star Team
Senior Division Champions
Below are pictures from the 2017 Huff-N-Puffer Banquet   Photos by Tim Hexter
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To All Members,

    Well we have started a new year again and Huff n Puffers is in great shape and on track to have another great year playing softball. Some of the new things happening in our league are in progress. Recently we have combined with GCSS Softball to form a winter league in a brand new facility in Valley View. Mike Sweeny from the old Cleveland Crunch will open a sports complex for indoor soccer and softball where the old golf dome was on Canal Rd under the 480 bridge. GCSS and Huff n Puffers will have 4 teams starting the end of January or beginning of February. We currently have enough players for 1 team and if more sign up we might have another. The cost for a ten week season will be $100 per man and we will play on Fridays. Possibly 2 seven inning games. If your interested contact John Teron a.s.a.p. 216-570-9652 cell.

     I would like to welcome Tim Hexter as secretary to our group of officers. Tim has been in Huff n Puffers for 6 years and is very excited to help in everything necessary. I would like to thank Don Evans for stepping in again last year for volunteering as secretary. Don has been helping behind the seens for a long time.

     You will notice the new logo on all new members’ shirts which was approved in December’s elections. Mark Lundeen is the creator of the sculptor of this statue and has allowed us to use it on our uniforms. We are sending Mark a sweatshirt and tee shirt. Thanks Mark!

     A couple of changes this upcoming season are: Both Senior and Junior divisions will now start with a 1 and 1 count in the batter’s box. Last year far too many times games started late and time limits were enforced. Hopefully this will help correct that. Many of you asked why we have to leave the fields by 1:00pm. The city workers only work until 3:00pm and all the fields have to be raked and relined for evening games.

     The junior draft will beThursday March 8th, 2018 and the senior draft will be Thursday March 15, 2018. 

     We currently have 40 members willing to umpire our 250 games this season and umpire classes will be in April for those interested. I really recommend attending these classes as some senior softball rules change from time to time. Learning where to stand and many other issues will be addressed. 

     Winter practices will be at NEO Soccer facility in Parma Heights again this year starting next Wednesday January 10, 2018. The cost is $5.00 per man. It is located behind the Police Station next to Yorktown bowling lanes on Pearl Rd and Old York Rd. All new members must attend the evaluation practice on February 21st, 2018. From 10:00am to 12:00 noon. (Wednesday). 

     We have a few vacancies for managers in the senior division. The juniors have no changes at this time.
For all the new members we have 22 men on our Governing Board. (G.B.) They are as follows:

Senior Manages: Joe Marco, George Cox, Nick Schepis, Harry Danik, Ray Humble, Austin Kuder, Stan Zaborski.

Junior managers: John Good, Dave (Grover) Kistler, Jim Kosakowski, Pat O’Boyle, Jack Roberts, Tom Zinn.

Umpire in Chief: Larry Keating

Rules Chairman: Jerry Bacher

Senior Division Director: Tom Zigman

John Teron (president)

2018 Officers and phone numbers;
John Teron (president) 216-520-3228                       Grover (treasurer) 440-236-8997
John Good (vice president)440-570-1730              Tim Hexter (secretary) 440-552-0932