The Huff-N-Puffers play softball at James Day Park in Parma, which is located next to CCC-West on West Pleasant Valley Road between West 130 and York Roads.   Games are played at 9:15 AM and 10:45 AM.   Players must be at least 60 years old during this calendar year.   There are three divisions.  
    The Huff-N-Puffer meetings are held at the County Library, which is located at 2111 Snow Road (one half mile East of State Road). The meetings are held the first Thursday of the month and begin at 10:00 AM.
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2018 Opening Day Photos by Tim Hexter
In Rememberance
George Cox
Godspeed to George as he crosses home plate with the winning run for the final time.
Hotdog roast with Mayor DeGetter and Micky Vitardi , June 11, 2018
Division 1 All Stars
The HnP (Div II) vs The Babes of 1916 of Solon (Friday Sept. 7th)
Game 2. Score. HnP 12 runs - Solon 11 runs
This was our second time this year we played the babes.
 Hopefully we do it again in 2019.
To All Members,

     2018 was a very successful year having started a 3rd division. In the 6 years I’ve been in the league, I can’t remember so many teams so close in the hunt for first place. Divisions 1 & 2 went down to the last game to determine the winners for the playoffs. Division 3 started out with some rule changes and growing pains but by week 4 Bob Pine had come up with a system that everyone agreed on. Thanks Bob, you did a great job. The winners for the three divisions are:
    Division 1. T & T Construction (Grover, Manager)
    Division 2 Rainbow Porcelain Ref. (Austin Kuder, Manager) 
    Division 3 Crystal Keg #2 (Stan Zaborski, Manager)

   Our off-season meetings start October 4, 2018 at the Snow Rd Library in Parma.  Meetings are at 10:00 A.M. and continue on the first Thursday of each month through April. In November's meeting we have nominations for 2 officers (Vice President and Treasurer). December meeting agenda is elections. These are a two-year term to be staggered with the President and Secretary term. We are always looking for new people to help out!    

   This year we revisited an old tradition of playing a couple of games with The Babes of 1916 from Solon, OH. The first game was with a division 1 team and the second was a team from division 2. I am proud to announce we won both games and look forward to playing The Babes next year. We enjoyed a nice lunch at both parks and made some new friends. Thanks, Dennis Forman for putting me in touch with that league in Solon.

  ​ I would like to thank all the people who help throughout the year. From the officers, the umpires, the committees, and even many of the wives that helped at events.  A special thanks to Larry Keating and Jerry Bacher for all your help this year. You guys are great to work with and your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. The team of managers did a wonderful job this year of drafting and managing the over 270 players in the league. You guys did a great job and I thank you. We already have 3 new managers in division 1 for 2019. They are, Bob Colon, Lenny Toth & Karl Genda. There will be a realignment of mangers for all 3 divisions during the winter months.  

  Some updates you will like to know about various things during the year:
    1.Umpire jackets for umpiring at least 10 games.
    2.Over $1,300 in prizes given to members at the Steak roast.
    3.Upgrade for jacket allowance from $50 to $65
    4.All 3 division winners received a jacket.
    5.New pitcher’s screens.
    6.New wood home plates.
    7.New logo from statue “Casey at the plate” in Williamsport, PA. 

  In closing I would like to remember Bill Fredricks and George Cox who both passed away during the 2018 season. They both will be missed in our organization. George was a 30-year member and a manager. I met George when I joined in 2013 and went to him for advice all the time. He was a good friend to me and to many of us at Huff-n-Puffers.

Thank you, John Teron. (president)

Don’t forget our banquet is Oct 7th at Holy Spirt from 3-7pm. Call Grover for tickets.
President's Letter